Bike Gloves for 2019

Bike gloves should provide provide comfort, compression, control, support, shock absorption, pain and fatigue relief and protection from the elements. After your helmet, gloves are the most important safety equipment you can own.

Your gloves should fit snugly – but not be tight. The perfect fit will be loose on the fingers and comfortable around the palm. Good gloves have a moisture-wicking capabilities that keeps your hands dry and cool in warm weather. Yet protect your hands against the cold and other harsh elements in cold weather.

There are literally hundreds of different styles available (each with their own unique features) and selecting the right gloves can be overwhelming. To help you with the task, Outdoor Junkie has researched and reviewed some of the best gloves available based on quality, durability, functionality and overall quality.

Here (in no particular order) are our top choices.

Zookki Bike Gloves

Zookki Bike Gloves half finger models are made with a light silicone gel pad that’s perfect for adsorbing those unexpected shocks whether you’re road racing, mountain biking or performing heavy-duty work. And these half finger gloves are designed to work just as well for men and women.

Zookki Bike Gloves are constructed using mesh cloth, lycra fabric and triple sandwich mesh cloth combine to insure elasticity and breathability. The moisture-wicking capabilities will pull the moisture from your hands to the gloves’ exterior – keeping your hands dry and your grip firm. Reflective piping on hand surface add additional visibility.

GEARONIC TM New Fashion Bike Gloves

GEARONIC TM Bike Gloves are designed with separate friction pads will provide hours of  comfortable compression and support. The high quality material softens impact and vibration of on hands and handlebars – decreasing risks of to shock-induced wrist injuries, soreness, pain and fatigue. Lightwei

ght material on the sides (without padding) and a breathable mesh back of the hand works to keep your hands cool and dry.

GEARONIC TM New Fashion Bike Gloves are half finger gloves are designed with your protection, comfort and utility in mind – provide you with hours of safety, enjoyment, peace of mind and durability at a great price.

BOODUN Bike Gloves

BOODUN Bike Gloves are available in men’s and women’s models. Designed for either mountain or road, these gloves conform to the your hand’s shape to provide maximum comfort on those long rides – minimizing road vibration and relieving nagging hand fatigue. An adjustable Velcro Wrist Buckle insures a snug fit.

These gloves are constructed Lycra Spandex & Knitted Mesh Fabric with non-slip palms and a towel cloth on the thumb lets you easily wipe sweat. Four eye-catching color options are available: orange, gray, black and green.

It’s hard to go wrong with BOODUN Bike Gloves. They’re stretchable, breathable Good ventilation, sharp looking, conform to the your hand’s shape and come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – all at a competitive price.

Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Bike Gloves

Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Bike Gloves are short fingered gloves that are both durable and functional. Extra padding on the glove palms with means more shock absorption and less pain and fatigue.

Low-profile velcro closure at wrists allow you to adjust the tightness – giving you the best fit for your hands. The towel cloth material inside the fingers serves as a convenient and easy to use sweat wipe to add further to your riding comfort.

Available in men’s and women’s models and ten different color options let you can express your own personality to the world.

Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves are durable, comfortable and functional. Plus the come at a great price.