Best Ski Poles for 2019

Ski poles may not be a requirement on the slopes. But they serve a number of different uses that can add greatly to your skill and enjoyment levels. Among those uses are:

  1. Propulsion: Propelling or pushing yourself along when encountering a flat section or when you just need to satisfy your ‘need for speed’.
  2. Balance and Rhythm: Aid in balance and rhythm as you execute parallel turns or tackle more challenging terrain.
  3. Tool: Handle various ski related tasks such as getting snow unstuck from your boot bindings or quickly getting out of those bindings.

There are ski poles for every condition budget. You just need to choose a quality pair of ski poles that best fit your needs on the slopes. Outdoor Junkie has researched and reviewed dozens of the ski poles that meet a variety of needs and fit a wide range of different budgets. We’re passing our findings on to you. Here are our top choices in random order.

Winget Carbon Fiber Mountain Alpine Ski Poles

Winget Carbon Fiber Mountain Alpine ski poles are a great choice for anyone skiing on a tight budget. It’s a lightweight, sturdy and portable carbon fiber alpine pole with a shaft constructed of 50% carbon fiber.

Anti-wear manganese steel tips, lightweight plastic snowflake baskets, integrated straps, ultra-sticky grips and a wide range of available in length is 1100mm (43.3″). combine to make these skis a good option in just about any snow conditions

The Winget Carbon Fiber Mountain Alpine are functional skis and that come in at a great price point, it’s would be hard to find a better carbon ski pole.

Leki Stealth S Ski Poles

Leki Stealth S poles are sturdy 16 mm aluminum shaft poles that provide you with some unique safety features. Once clicked in, the straps turn the poles into extensions of your arms.

During falls or at those times a poles gets stuck, the spring-loaded system releases at a certain pressure point – protecting your arms and shoulders and preventing injuries. Standard baskets for use in packed snow and wide baskets for powder play are included.

The quality, extra safety features and price of Leki Stealth S poles make these skis one of the best values on the market for most skiers.

Zipline “Lollipop” Carbon Composite Graphite  Ski Poles

Zipline “Lollipop” Carbon Composite Graphite poles are the official supplier of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team and the personal choice of many of the championship members of the team. Created in your choice of 8 different colors and 10 sizes.

You’ll experience an effortless swing weight and vibration thanks to the graphite composition that makes these ski poles lighter and more shock absorbent than standard aluminum poles.

Improved dual density grips provide a relaxed and comfortable feel – even after a full day on the slopes. Super hard Tungsten tips ensure exact pole plants even hard packed snow.

Zipline “Lollipop” Ski Poles are very competively priced – about half the cost of other similar poles. Plus, they are the choice of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team. ‘Nuff said.